The Flats

Most of the flats have 4 or 5 bedrooms  with only a few having 3 residents. There are quiet flats, musical flats, gourmet flats, artistic flats, bookish flats, an LGBTQ+ flat, flats with cats, a flat with rabbits and even a flat with a faithful hound. They looked more or less like this when we moved in back in August.

Wright’s Houses student accommodation empty and made ready for new tenants. 1898809_151922221621381_994960976_o

This is what they look like now, kitchen

Co-op jam session


Each flat has a kitchen/living room, most with views across the Links. Kitchens come fully fitted with a cooker, microwave, fridge, sink, toaster, kettle, and basic utensils and crockery. The living room contains sofas, tables, and chairs. Thankfully, many members have acquired comfier furniture since moving in. (And the process continues.)

Besides jam sessions, kitchens are commonly used for things like crêpe parties.

Crepe party

All the bedrooms started off with single beds, a desk, a side-table, shelving, a wardrobe, a chair, and a heater; as time goes by most of the furniture is gradually swapped out for members’ own choices. When you move in you are guaranteed a bed, desk, side-table, shelving, wardrobe, and a chair. Tenants are allowed to bring their own furniture, and double beds can be fitted into some rooms. Most members have decorated their rooms.


(Above) The rooms when we first moved in, very clean but not much in the way of character.  (Below) A member’s room after living here for a few weeks, a far cry from the sterile, student-halls feel.

Room 1 Room 2night time

With no landlord breathing down your neck you can paint the walls how you like, cover the floor in rugs or change the carpet, pin up as much as you like,  fit shelves or wall hangings, replace the furniture with your own finds and customise the place however you like. The only rule is that you respect the space you live in and leave it in a great condition for whoever moves in after you.


Within each flat is at least one toilet and a separate shower, with relatively large cupboards in each flat’s corridors.