Animals of the Co-op

Here at Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative we have a variety of members, and some of them are fluffy and four legged.

Ajax – Guardian of the Co-op,  Champion of our hearts. 


Sometimes Ajax just sits, reflecting on how wonderful it is that he lives in a place free from pesky landlords and home to so many wonderful humans.


Lord of all he surveys, Ajax loves strolling around the local area.


If you need a therapeutic cuddle, a companion to walk beside, or help getting that food off of your chin – Ajax is there.

Cooper (Aliases: Gilbert, Cat-Friend)
Cooper lives in the local area and if you leave your window open he just might appear on your bed or on the kitchen table.

Cooper 1 Cooper 2

The Bunnies: Freida and Jasper 


The Gerbils: Squibbles and Butter 


Everyone who lives in the co-op is a student of some sort, this fluffy resident specialises in poststructuralist historiography and its implications for Alltagsgeschichte.


The youngest members: Emma and Rosa 

11896501_10153473406350631_2019526116311392236_o Kittens 1

Ling Ling – No.1 Mouse Catcher 

Ling Ling

The Neighbours
Our friends from the Hearty-Squirrel Food Co-Operative live in the trees out front.