★★ WE NEED SUBLETTERS 1st June through 31st August ★★

If you need a room to stay in for a short term of up to a few months, then we may be able to help out!

Sometimes our members go away for short periods (e.g. a week to a few months) and make their rooms available for subletting. Usually, this will be during the summer and winter academic holidays, i.e. May–August and December–January, but other times during the year we might just have a room available.

Apply to sublet a room

You may apply to sublet a room at the Student Co-op using the form embedded below.

We also would like to stress that, while this is a short-term sublet and not a permanent tenancy, we would hope that anyone living within our walls would participate in and contribute to our community. So please keep in mind the nature of co-operative housing when considering your application.

PLEASE NOTE: We will contact you only if there is a space available during your preferred timeframe.